Frequently Asked Questions

A guide to consultations, scheduling and rescheduling appointments, operating hours, hourly rates, payment types, tips on getting tattooed, aftercare, design restrictions, and what makes the shop so unique.

Moon Rae Tattoo also has a detailed FAQ here.

Hourly Rate

My rate is $175/hr with a $100 minimum.

Consultations are provided at no cost.

I do not provide price quotes via email or phone.  Designs are often too varied to make an accurate guess.  Quotes are given only at consultations.

I do not send drawings out ahead of time, though I do set aside time at the tattoo appointment for design revisions.

Cash - Credit card - Paypal - Venmo

Deposit Policy

Deposits are not refundable if you decide to cancel your appointment.  

A $100 deposit is required for all tattoo appointments, and the deposit will go toward the work being done.  Multi-session pieces will see deposit credited at the FINAL appointment.

Appointments may be rescheduled a maximum of TWO times before the original deposit is forfeit, and another $100 is required.

Inclement weather and school closures are exceptions for reschedules.  Artist reschedule does not count against deposit status.

Notice must be given prior to the appointment if the tattoo design changes.  No prior notice forfeits the deposit and it will not be counted towards final tattoo work.  Depending on the change in design, the tattoo appointment might be rescheduled, with another deposit required.

Deposit is forefit when:

  • Appointment is canceled

  • Less than 48 hours notice is given for reschedule request

  • Appointment is no-call no-show

  • Appointment is rescheduled more than two times

  • No prior notice is given for design changes

About sleeves and large scale projects

I prefer to work with smaller to medium sized pieces.  Large scale work will be assessed on a per-project basis, with several requirements.

Do you tatoo minors?

No, I no longer tattoo minors, even if there is parental consent.  All clients are required to be 18 years or older.

Appointment Scheduling

Consultations are required for all new clients, and most new projects.  Being organized is awesome!  Having an appointment means we are not interrupted by walk-in traffic, and I can focus on YOU and your questions.  When tattooing, there are no random people gawking or loitering.  I do not rush and strive to deliver the highest quality work I can.

For appointment rescheduling, please email me directly.  You can also call the shop and leave a message, but an email will reach me directly, and faster.  With a deposit, 48 hours notice is required or deposit will be forfeit.  Inclement weather and school closures are exceptions!  I can reschedule you twice before requiring another deposit.

Please fill out the tattoo design request form to have your idea considered.  Most are!  Others receive a referral to someone better suited for the project.  To schedule a consultation, you will receive a link to schedule online after I have reviewed your request and have appointments available.  The tattoo appointment will be scheduled at the consultation, with a deposit.

I prefer working on smaller to medium sized pieces, and large pieces that can be wrapped up in a session or two/three.  I generally don’t do large scale works such as sleeves or backs. on Instagram

@moonraetattoo on Instagram

Email signup available here.


Time is irrelevant and I will be working every day forever until I die.  That being said, I try to be finished by 7, if I’m here in the evening.  I make my own rules.  Come be a rebel with me.

Before- and After-care

Before you come in for your tattoo appointment:

  • No children allowed.  Please make childcare arrangements before your appointment.

  • It’s helpful to eat something beforehand; soda or juice, crackers or a bar, something with sugar to give your body energy.

  • Drink lots of water!  Beverages are allowed with a resealable lid.  No food in the shop, please.

  • Wear appropriate clothing - something able to easily access the area getting tattooed, and one you don’t mind getting dirty.

  • Headphones or earbuds are perfect if you plan on listening to music.

  • Plan time outdoors appropriately - no direct sunlight or swimming for 4-6 weeks during healing.  NO TATTOOS OVER SUNBURN


For film dressing (Saniderm, Tegaderm, or other):

The dressing I use to cover tattoos is a thin, air-permeable adhesive dressing that covers the tattoo for several days.  Occasionally, some skin can be sensitive to the adhesive, in which case I will cover with ointment and gauze.

  • Film dressing can be left on the skin for 3 - 5 days.  Best care is removal after 24 hours; wash tattoo with mild soap, rinse clean and let dry;  reapply a new film dressing; remove after 5-7 days.

  • To remove film dressing, peel back gently (best done in the shower)

  • Gently, using your hand, wash tattoo with FRAGRANCE FREE liquid soap

  • Rinse well, pat dry with paper towel, and let dry for a couple hours

  • When tattoo is dry, apply a THIN layer of FRAGRANCE FREE gentle lotion, wiping away any excess

  • Apply lotion 2 - 4 times daily until fully healed (appx. 4 weeks)

For gauze dressing:

  • Remove gauze dressing in 1 - 2 hours

  • Wipe excess ointment away with clean paper towel

  • Gently, using your hand, wash tattoo with FRAGRANCE FREE liquid soap

  • Rinse well, pat dry with paper towel, and let dry for a couple hours

  • When tattoo is dry, apply a THIN layer of FRAGRANCE FREE gentle lotion, wiping away any excess

  • Apply lotion 2 - 4 times daily until fully healed (appx. 4 weeks)

Other Healing Hints:

Fluid buildup under the film dressing is NORMAL, and is what helps heal your tattoo.  Do not puncture the film to remove excess fluid.

If your skin becomes red and irritated along the borders of the film dressing, take it off as soon as you notice.  Some skin just doesn’t like the adhesive.  It’s best to leave it on as long as possible, but not to the point of genuine discomfort.

When removing the film dressing, PEEL GENTLY.  For cryin’ out loud, don’t rip it off like a band-aid.  You will hate everything.


Some clients have given varied reports as to the amount of peeling after using film dressing.  Some peoples’ tattoos peel, some do only very little, and some not at all, so don’t be alarmed if your tattoo does not peel.  Peeling is part of the healing process and is NORMAL - it should look like a gentle flake, similar to a sunburn.  The sloughing skin also has ink trapped in it, so don’t worry that your tattoo is “peeling off.”  A properly healing tattoo should never have thick, deep scabs.  

Do not pick or scratch at a healing tattoo.  Itching may also occur, but DO NOT SCRATCH!  Gently pat or rub.

KEEP IT CLEAN.  A film dressing gives a wonderful extra layer of protection during the first few critical days, but still treat your tattoo like you’re carrying around an open wound (because you are).  A fresh tattoo is an open wound so keep it clean and be gentle.


Shop Environment

Moon Rae Tattoo is set up to be a calmer and more comforting environment for its clients.  Walk-ins are not accepted in order to maximize client comfort and minimize distractions to the artists.  Women, persons of color, and the LGBTQ+ community are warmly welcomed.  Male clients are gladly accepted as well!

A tattoo is a highly personal experience and we have set out to ensure the best possible result for everyone.

Please visit Moon Rae’s website for more details if you’re interested in learning about the shop’s mission.

Design Restrictions

White tattoos:  do not hold up well over time, and do NOT stay bright.  I will do them so long as clients are fully aware touch-ups offer diminishing returns, and touch-ups will be charged the full hourly rate.

Fingers: fingers will also be charged the full rate for touch-ups.  Fingers in general do not hold up well over time, but again, I will do them so long as the client is aware they do not look good for long, and touch-ups hold diminishing returns.


  • White supremacy and other gang related or racist themes/symbols - Anti-Defamation League has a great list

  • Confederate flags/stars and bars

  • Anti LGBTQ+ themes/symbols

  • Lettering or designs promoting or ideating suicide or self-harm

  • Tattooing on or near genitalia

  • Palms of hands, soles of feet, inside lip, tongue, eyes, ear

  • Cremation ashes added to ink for memorial pieces

  • Couples/partners names, initials, or dates

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